Sunny day shorts

I just made the latest Oliver + S free pattern – a pair of shorts for Bluebird. Appropriately named “Sunny Day Shorts”, as the making was in reaction to the weather which has been beautiful today :)

sunny day shorts

I usually sew at the weekend or in the evening, but I was so determined to get on with these that I managed to do it while the children were playing around me. The standard of the pattern and instructions is everything you would expect from Oliver + S, easy to follow with meticulous attention to detail. Bluebird was pleased with them, and even helped me choose the fabric in the morning (it’s a linen-look heavy cotton). They are probably not the most flattering cut for Bluebird, them being on the “skinny” side and him not, but never mind. I am creating a stock of easy pull on trousers and shorts for this summer as potty training is on the horizon ;)

In other news, the lilac is in bloom. For 50 weeks of the year a lilac is mainly a nuisance, at least in my book, but for 2 weeks you can see why people plant them…


It has been a lovely two-and-a-bit week Easter holidays in our house. February half term holidays were a week of misery, so it was extra appreciated to have the family together, in good health, with lots of sunshine and warm weather! We had so many things on our To Do list, and I think we’ve accomplished most of them.

I decided I wanted to learn more about icing biscuits the professional way, with royal icing and piping and stuff. I have plenty more to learn, but this was at least a tasty first trial of techniques :)

iced biscuits

I mostly researched how to do this by phoning my sister, but if you should want to know EVERYTHING about this fun hobby, try the Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle website.

Now, how to remember that tomorrow is both a get-up-for-school day and it’s Tuesday?!


I wandered around the garden last week, peeping to see how the buds were coming along on my fan trained fruit trees. I met two ladybird buddies on the pear tree:

ladybird buddies


Our en-suite bathroom is infested with ladybirds. I thought perhaps this was a rare and strange occurrence, but letters published in the March BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine prove the contrary. I do like ladybirds, and I wouldn’t mind them hibernating indoors. It’s just that they spend very little time sleeping and a lot of time creeping, crawling and flying, getting into places where ladybirds Should Not Be.

<whispers> and if you hoover them up they release a horrible smell that makes you feel guilty every subsequent time you hoover. Just saying.

Count to 100

For a really high percentage of the time our two children get on together superbly. They truly are best friends as well as brother and sister. 

However, on the days when they annoy each other it can be hard work to referee. There have been a lot of unhappy moments today. Angry words, fierce faces, unkind hands or feet. Sometimes it was the children.

I want to focus on the good though. Today there were lots of chances to say sorry to each other. To have making-up cuddles and to talk about how we ALL do the wrong thing even when we KNOW it’s wrong, and to remember that making mistakes is okay.

From the glass-half-full perspective, I am glad that I didn’t have to clean and polish Snow White’s school shoes this weekend, as they wore right through the toe. Also, she turned out to have grown half a size, so I didn’t feel irked at having to replace them.

Snow White’s “hundredth day of school” apparently comes round next Thursday. I never knew this was a “thing” until I saw stuff about it on Pinterest lately. She was extremely excited to do her homework of finding 100 of something small to take to school. So far we have sunflower seeds and buttons :)

feb 8th





I made a fresh batch of play dough for Bluebird this morning. As you can see from the condition of the recipe card, this is in high demand. He was excited that it was “pink, me favourite colour” (usually red would be favourite) and said “me love that smell” (mint and lemon).

feb 3rd 2


My dear mother is here for the middle part of the day to help run around after Bluebird and pick Snow White up from school, while my back continues to think about getting better. She brought me a posy of spring flowers from her garden.

feb 3rd


Almost time for them to return, so I had better put the kettle on and slaughter some hot cross buns!

I was just looking through some things I wrote several years ago, including the throwaway remark that I had blogged about x,y and z! I would like to get back into doing *something* on the old blog every so often. After all, here’s this little space, waiting for me to fill it…

feb 2nd

So: a little pic, taken on my phone. Bits and pieces getting ready for Valentine’s Day, the reflection of my kitchen scales in the induction hob (a little vintage/modern juxtaposition) and a reminder to myself that I have kiwi-green kitchen tiles and I love them (although you can’t see the proper colour because of the filter on the photo).

Not doing much today because my back is not in full working order for some reason. The family have decamped to let me be grumpy alone, but I am not feeling too grumpy after all :)


I’ve been musing lately on little green tokens. If you’ve ever shopped in UK store Waitrose, you’ll have been given one of these with your receipt after you pay.

As you leave the store you pass a box, wherein to place your token. There are three sections, each labelled with a “good cause”, often local schools, clubs or small charities. You post your token in your favourite section. At the end of the month, a pot of money donated by the store is split between the good causes, in proportion with the number of tokens each received.

I feel right now as though my life has a long, long row of boxes. They have labels like “clean the house”, “play with the children”, “hang up the washing”, “reply to emails”, “check finances”, “prepare for meeting”, “pray”, “do some gardening”… you get the idea. There are so many of these boxes. And they are all good causes. There are so many things I should and could be giving my token to.

My token usually represents a (small) unit of time. Sometimes it can be money too. Or just energy.

And I only have one precious token at any one time.

It feels like such a pressure on me to make that choice each time. How can I be sure that this token will do most good by being put towards that cause? Some of these boxes receive the tokens so often, through necessity, that there are some at the far end of the line that I’ve almost forgotten exist. When did I last crochet? When will I ever complete my two children’s baby books? How does anybody commit to reading the Bible daily?

<clink> one little token got posted in the blogging box!




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